A Look into Healthy Black Sexuality

I know most Internet pundits would tell you not to repeat the same links across multiple social media platforms. You are to entice your readership, your audience, with multiple experiences so that there is a multi-layered experience across all your platforms. However, I think this is too important to relegate to one facet of the EroticEmpire network. This article speaks to the heart and soul of the EroticEmpire, to the reason PassionPoet was born in the first place.

Ten years ago, Ms. Scottie Lowe was a pioneer of redefining what healthy sexuality looked like for the Afro-American community. She was the founder of AfroErotiK, a site specializing in healthy, non-degrading images of Black couples making love. Her essays and stories were abound with romantic images alongside the photos that are still being circulated widely on the Internet - with or without the AfroErotiK label. She said once that she doesn't care if the images are circulated without her copyright as long as they are able to spread the message.

I used to follow Scottie on FB and I was an ardent member of the AfroErotiK site. I used to use some of their free resources to woo my then girlfriend with sensual images and my own words (remember e-cards?) In time, I pulled away from following her and I stopped using the site, but the drive for beautiful Black imagery still follows me. (Who has ever tried to find Black couples in sensual and not pornographic poses on Google?)

The PassionPoet label and next the EroticEmpire brand was formed from my own search for a way to glorify the beautiful women of the world - and yes, I am biased towards Black women, but I want all women of every race to feel beautiful ... because they are! One of my taglines is that I "Worship Women With Words," and, has been said to me recently, my words express a reverence for the female form that shows some men how to treat their lady. I am happy that some get it.

I'm also a member of another website solely built on expression Black on Black sensuality, www.PangeasGarden.com. This website has beautiful images of Black couples as well as informative articles that draw the reader into a conversation into what healthy sexuality might look like for Afro-Sensuals (his term for Black people who are in tune with their sensuality.

"Pangaea’s Garden is the comprehensive online community for creatively, Afrosensual image sets, character interviews, columns and model journals along with trends in music and culture.

It is the sanctuary for striking images that pay homage to the exotic beauty of that earthSista that was always close to home. This is a place for the art, images and culture that capture the sensuous harmony of the earthbound soul. The works featured here are images of the beauty, glamour and sensuality of earthSistas, a haven for ideas on the influences of Afrosensuality in love, art, culture, sexuality, politics, music, family…life. And it is a place where we can, all express ourselves, creatively as well as admire the efforts of those who have." (Pangea's Garden, ABOUT THE GARDEN)

Scottie said, "There’s a vast difference between saying, “I’m a big booty ho looking to swallow seven loads of cum,” and “I long to feel the sensation of your tongue licking me until I explode in your mouth." (Scottie Lowe, Panagea's Garden, A Look into Healthy Black Sexuality- https://pangeasgarden.com/blog/2019/10/13/pgp421-a-look-into-healthy-black-sexuality/) This is the foundation for the EroticEmpire and PassionPoet brands.

"…Until we as a people can discern the difference," she continues, "until we as a people can stop relegating anything to do with sex as being dirty and unmentionable, we are doomed to be dysfunctional and sexually immature. We should be able to have discussions about sex in all forums, with relative boundaries in mind, and not be so quick to feign false indignation as if sex is dirty and unmentionable..."

Please read this enlightening article by PangeasGarden.com founder, Vincent, based on a paper written by Scottie Lowe in 2009, ten years ago, that is still relevant today. The link to the original article is also in the referenced link above.

Let me know your thoughts!


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