A picture tells 1,000 words....

It didn't go exactly like this, but MAKE IT RAINE started with a panty flash, too...

The poem built to its cheeky climax. I was the Pied Piper, and I was leading them exactly where I wanted them to go. My gaze swept across the upturned faces like a hot desert wind, meeting each eye in its turn.

“So come, my beauty, let us start

Part those lovely legs

Let me see

The colour of your lacy panty!”

At the last word, my eyes, burning with the passion of another triumphant end to a poetry set, fell onto two almond shaped pools of loveliness that were attached to a caramel coloured goddess. From my vantage point on stage, I could see that she was wearing a low cut silver mini-dress that sparkled seductively in the dim light. I could also see her hips vying for attention with her ample breasts, which themselves were struggling to stay inside the scooped-cut top. I did not know her name, but our eyes locked and copulated with abandon. Time stood still as we stared at each other. The riotous applause from the audience faded into an indistinguishable murmur in the background. It felt like at least half hour went by, but it could only have been a couple seconds. Then, it happened. With a mischievous grin, the caramel coloured goddess uncrossed her legs and spread them just enough for me to see the flaming red lace panty she was wearing. She looked straight at me as she did it; she saw my mouth drop open slightly. She knew she caught me at that moment.

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