Awards and Making History!

I have to admit. As my Empire grows, I find that I need to stretch myself across multiple platforms to keep everyone informed about what's happening. And, trust me - a lot has been happening!

I'll just commit to making sure that my blog is not abandoned and updating it at least once a month, okay? I'll try to make sure I do that for you. I do want to make my site the hub of interactivity surrounding anything concerning PassionPoet and the EroticEmpire - I just need to figure out the revamp and the flow of information so that I can keep up to date myself!

But that's not what I came here to talk about.

On Sunday, March 1st, 2020, history was made as the first ever Gine On?! People's Choice Awards ceremony was held at the Frank Collymore Hall. Thirty-nine categories of excellence were showcased, with headlines as varied as the more typical Hip-Hop Artist of the Year, Music Video of the Year and Up and Coming Artist of the Year to more 'Barbadian' categories like 'Best Place to Eat Pudding and Souse.' The event was a masterful initiative of celebration of Bajan culture, art and artists. I mean, we started and ended the evening to the sweet sound of tuk, which is an idigenous sound of Barbados, ingrained in our history and culture!

I also had the privilege of being named the recipient of the Book of The Year award! I'm still reeling! My book Passion: The Gemini Project was a project that allowed me to show the two sides of my Gemini nature - Pleasure and Pain! Click here to get your copy now!

What else is new?

Next week Saturday I am going to be performing in Grenada at The Colour of Woman 2020, where I am the featured poet at this awesome event celebrating women - my favourite topic!

I have been working on my merchandising and will soon have a working store on the site for you to purchase branded t-shirts and lingerie repping the EroticEmpire!

There are so many things cumming .... oops, I mean COMING up! Please stay tuned! Check out my IG pages @_bajanpassionpoet_, @Passionate.Words.Editing and the newest one for more frequent updates!

See some pics from the Awards ceremony - most taken from personal cameras, but some taken by Anya Stephen of Art n Lens for Frank Collymore Hall, taken from Facebook.

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