Balcony Book Fair

It's been two days now, and I've been showcasing my books at the Balcony Book Fair at the Frank Collymore Hall here in Barbados. It has been an initiative of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) while the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) Finals are going on. NIFCA is an annual celebration of Barbadian art: visual, culinary, literary, theatre, music and dance. Every year, thousands of competitors showcase their talents in one or more of these disciplines and are eligible to be awarded either a gold, silver or bronze award for good work. There are also incentive and special prizes to be had. I myself won a silver and two bronze medals for my three poems on my first entry into NIFCA in 2011. I also won the Most Promising Poet award for that year.

I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them - even the (sometimes) heated discussions about why I'm writing and performing erotica in a (supposedly) conservative, Christian-minded country such as Barbados. I love seeing the joy on people's faces as they read my work and interact with me personally, and I especially love when a new buyer takes a chance on my work and purchases it!

There are two more days of the Balcony Book Fair. If you are in Barbados, please come out and support the awesomely talented men, women and children that grace the NIFCA Finals stage - and don't forget to peruse the Fair! Not only my books are on show, but there are other amazing authors that have come out to interact with you and showcase their work. Come on out and support!

And what if you're NOT in Barbados? First, you need to come visit ASAP. Truly! It's a magical place! Secondly, you can always check out my FB and IG pages (Links at the top of the website) and purchasing my books right here from the page. I'll try to keep you updated as to what else is going on in my world - with the wonders of the Internet, you don't have to feel as though you are missing out!


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