Birthday Wishes

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Tomorrow, June 8th, is my birthday!

In my now 41 years of life, I've come to realize the birth of some things that didn't start out as part of my dreams - but have become as much a part of me as breathing. Writing and self-publishing not one, but currently five books is the culmination of my love of the English language germinated in secondary school, when I was inspired to write my first poem ... and I haven't stopped yet!

In fact, I was writing before then - I remember my first 'novella' lol - it was a sci-fi story loosely based off of and inspired by the Legionary series by Douglas Hill. (I loved them so much I can still remember the name of the hero in the books: Keill Ragnor. This actually led me to finding the books on Amazon - now I gotta see if I can afford to buy them all LOL) It was all of about 32 pages in an exercise book, but I skipped Phsysical Education (gym) to finish writing it! (Sorry for lying about not having my games clothes, Mr. Small...)

From that one book (my first book EROTIC) I have spanned an Empire:

  1. My Amazon page, where you can see all my books

  2. My Facebook groups, both secret and closed - the EroticEmpire (erotic, invitation only) and The House of Passion (mostly non-erotic, public);

  3. My Facebook pages - PassionPoet (poetry); Passionate Words E