Good Passionate morning (or evening, or night, depending on when you read this!) to all!

I've just gotten another IG post deleted - and I tried very hard to vet the image used to avoid that. I am not understanding why FB/IG keeps trying to muzzle consenting adults' freedom of expression!

Now does that picture warrant being taken down from IG? I don't see what the issue is .... anyway. Here is my domain and isn't going to be under their terms and conditions. I will try to make sure that either I put a warning for those who don't want to see explicit content or put it in a members only area, once I figure out how to do that...

What I will do here is give an excerpt of my novel, MAKE IT RAINE. If you haven't followed me before, MAKE IT RAINE is the story of a promiscuous performer who slipped up and got one of his fans pregnant. He then had life-altering decisions to make - stay or go? The book is full of drama, poetry and sex, wrapped up in a tale based on my home country of Barbados. Interested? Let me see if an excerpt can help you make up your mind to give it a try...

I sat on a protruding rock that seemed to be placed just so for viewing the natural beauty around me. Then I thought to myself, Of course it’s placed at the right spot. It’s a landscaped garden. I shared my thought with Tierra and she giggled. Her laugh skipped gaily on the air and I marveled at its lightness.
I pulled her towards me and she met my gasoline tinged lust with her flaming torch of need. She straddled me, hiking her skirt up to her hips as we kissed. Our first touch set our thirst ablaze and we were soon tearing at each other wildly. Her small breasts peaked; her nipples snapped to attention as I pulled her baby tee off and they got a blast of chilly night air. Our tongues wrestled for dominance as I palmed and pulled on them, cupping each breast in my palm. She was fumbling at my shirt buttons, finally exposing my chest. Her hot mouth found my nipple and bit it before soothing where she bit with a wet tongue. How do women know that my nipples are my weak spot? I groaned.
“You like that, baby?” she whispered, then did it again on the other side. I held her head gently, my fingers sinking into her afro puff as she attacked my other nipple. I threw my head back with the rolling sensations traversing my spine. Her mouth found my neck and bit - my world swam before my eyes in multiple hues as my libido screamed with joy. I picked her up and lay her next to the rock on the grass that was soft and spongy like a green carpet. I untied her skirt and spread it out underneath her. Her lacy white boy shorts hugged her ass like long lost cousins too long separated from each other. She lay on her back, body propped up by her forearms resting on the ground. Her eyes blazed with a carnal light that captivated me. I slipped off my shoes and socks and stood, divesting myself of my slacks and boxers in one go.
“Damn,” she growled. “Come here sexy, give me that popsicle!”
I stepped over her and crouched over her body, offering my dick to her willing mouth. She sucked and gobbled it up like if it was her last meal. I pumped it in and out, fucking her mouth as though it was her pussy. She took it like a champion, moving her mouth back and forth, matching my rhythm with one of her own. Her slurping and slight gagging was too much, and I quickly shot my load deep down her throat.
She licked her lips and purred, “Yesss, poet ... that’s what I like...” before tackling me and bringing me to the ground myself. We rolled back and forth on the grass, the skirt forgotten, as I sucked and licked her neck and breasts, and my hands kept reaching for the fabric of her panty. Somehow, I got it stripped off her and I buried two fingers deep inside her while I inhaled her little, perky breasts. She moaned and thrashed around as I flicked her clit; she kicked out like she was being tickled.
I spread her legs as far as they could go and slid my tongue down her body, tasting her well-defined abs on the way. I licked past the triangle patch of pubic hair that was as neatly trimmed as the grass we were rolling on, then plunged my tongue into her valley with a savage hunger. I ate her with the need of refugees seeking asylum until she squirted, bathing my face with her wantonness. I flipped her onto her back, pushed her ass in the air and ate her pussy again from behind. The sensations from this new position made her flip out. She was moaning loudly; I had to slap her ass a couple times, attempting to get her to quieten down a bit, but she just got louder.
I got up on my knees and pushed her ass up a little higher. I sunk my shaft deep inside her as she rocked back onto me. My hands held her hips to steady me as we fucked on the grass under the stars. I was Adam, she was Eve, and this was the first meeting in the Garden of Eden.

Interested? Check out the link on my More Info page to buy MAKE IT RAINE or any of my other books!

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