Gigolos on my Mind...

First, let me wish you guys an AMAZING, CUM FILLED, ORGASMIC, BODY SHAKING, ECLIPSING New Year! If, like me, you didn't ring in the New Year with an orgasm - don't worry - there's still time! In fact, this is a leap year so you have an extra day to get freaky!

Now, to the topic at hand...

I've been thinking about gigolos a lot for the past couple days. First, I got caught up on an old Showtime reality show about gigolos - or male escorts - aptly entitled 'Gigolos'. (D'uh lol) Six seasons of debauchery and fun! The guys are all part of the same escort agency which, I have realized, is a real site: for those who are interested....

Coming straight from the Gigolos website on Showtime:

"Make a date with the Gigolos. Showtime presents an extremely rare and uncensored look into the personal and professional lives of five hot guys in Vegas who like to hang out, have fun and get girls, but in their case they get paid for it. They find themselves in some unexpected positions as they balance relationships, friends and family with the demands of their female clientele. A reality series like no other, Gigolos is not only provocative but also surprisingly heartfelt. It's a wild ride for these real-life escorts who never miss a trick."

Now, here's a fun fact. The word 'gigolo' is formed from the colloquial French word 'gigue', or 'leg', and is the male version of 'gigole' or 'dancehall woman'. 'Gigolo' is loosely translated 'dancing partner' from the 1920's or so. (Thank you, Google!)

Dancing partner, huh? Interesting!

But being a gigolo is more than just sex, as I found out by being immersed in this captivating series. They say that it's about connection, about fantasy, about being what the women want. "Women need us," Nick Hawk says, "It's not just about that one fun night anymore.

But why are gigolos on my mind?

I've mentioned it in this week's episode of The Wett Spot, where I feel the need for connection as well. Sex for me is spiritual as well as physical, and I feel that sex can and should be a tool used in the right context for bringing a measure of healing. I've been in situations where I felt the urge to lay hands on a woman in a sexual way, but for the purpose of prayer and release. I honestly feel like I could do well as a gigolo - but for now they'll need to have a 'teddy bear' category because I look nothing like those guys! LOL

To check out the Gigolos edition of The Wett Spot, see below:

Please let me know what you think about male escorts and sex work in general! Do you think there's a place for it in society?


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