Happy int'l Women's Day!

Thank you for following along with me on this journey. First, again, I apologize for not being consistent with my postings. I am struggling with writer's block and a shifting focus onto my day job. I need to give it more attention.

Anyway, I'm not here to complain. I'm here to thank every single one of you who have been exposed to my work and who decided to continue to follow and support. Thank you to EVERY woman who graces these pages, or any other facet of the EroticEmpire. I write for you!

I say all the time that my goal is to worship women with words. I use the word 'worship' quite deliberately. You are the divine vehicle through which new life is brought into this world and although the word is over-saturated and over-used in this era, I truly consider you Goddesses.

This poem was written all the way back in 2014, and just like my birthday poem, I have brought it out on Int'l Women's Day every year since then. Please enjoy, and share in the bliss of womanhood!

(And yes, the title belies the content - I'm PassionPoet, after all LOL)

Naked Release hair from abnormal snare. Untangle regal crown, let natural locks f-l-o-w down soft brown skin. Conscious daughter, flaunt your beauty, reveal your knowledge; flowing like the locks knowingly swaying down naked back.

Freedom existed – even as hair twisted around

growing roots;

extending shoots

symbolize embracing Divinity. Eyes flashing with purpose. Determined glare softens when calling loved ones near; I stare – Falling into pools of infinity

Full blooming smile beguiles partner, intoxicating

while drawing in with thoughts of kisses, of moonlight walks, and erotic wishes…

Lips, when puckered, cause men to be suckered into believing they rule the world while Woman’s radiant beauty, unfurled pulls the strings from behind the curtain.

Soft chocolate cheek blushing as I bend, brushing with a kiss - innocence hinted: freshly minted desire

glowing with vitality of organic radiance.

On curved breast rests

the nurturing of a nation, suckling the next generation on the education of themselves as emperors and empresses… impresses with the ability to stand strong, back enduring long hardships: protecting – Deflecting the blows of societal whips, Yet standing upright – Unafraid.

Burdens carried so ours are lightened; I am awed by your strength.

As I hold you close, the curve of your spine fits naturally against my palm.

You are the calm within my storm; I feel my soul conform to the contours of yours. Your wide hips and your behind remind me of sensuality… rolling intimately as you walk before me. My eyes locked, mesmerized by the movements made by this woman’s stride against the tide of ignorance.

Each well-formed toe balances perfectly on multiple roles moving without balancing poles: Sister, Daughter, Lover, Friend – how much deeper does your strength extend?

Tracing hand around your navel, thinking that scar says you’re able To sustain life umbilical…. Womb: the cocoon birthing life; expanding again the human race with a little one that may have your face…

I remember…

I remember the middle passage of my sons. From inner caverns contractions pushed the lights of my world out,

afterbirth runs And I cry

as I saw arms flailing wide




Love. So stand naked, unashamed. Strip off all vestiges of blame. Drop your dress, impress with your daring – sight of your breasts leaves me staring. You stand, I extend my hand, and two become one – joining … in joyous celebration Ignited conflagration Passionate sensation Of loving you.

~ PassionPoet

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