Harassment (Her.Ass.Meant)

It has been a while since I posted a poem here. I have to thank my friend La Shawna Griffith for this inspiration. She's an admin of a WhatsApp group for Barbadian artists of all genres named Do it fah de Culture and recently came up with an idea to drop a word for the creatives to whet their chops on. The word she started with was 'harassment'.

I am well known for my erotic pieces, but this word stirred me. I needed to let my voice be heard on this topic as my whole brand, although sensual/sexual on the outside, is based on principles of respect and honour toward women. Those of you who have followed the EroticEmpire story up to this point will know that my tagline is: Worshiping Women with Words.

This is the poem I wrote today. Please enjoy it! And let me know your comments below!

Harassment (Her.Ass.Meant)

Seeing …

Seeing Her …

Seeing Her Ass…

Seeing Her Ass Meant…

Seeing her ass meant that

I lost all power of reasoning

My level of thinking

Quickly devolving

From the emotional

To the primal

Seeing her ass meant

That thoughts of


Caused cognitive




As I was unable to

Reconcile the feelings

Stirred up in me

To communicate

Her beauty


And the fact that she

Could be…


Somebody’s daughter




Seeing her ass meant

That I could not find

The vocabulary

To express how stunned

I am

To experience her beauty

Close up

Even though all she was doing

Was passing me on the street

Not looking at me

Not even knowing that I existed…


As she passed me…

Seeing her ass

Seeing her ass meant

That my vocabulary


And all I could do

Was hiss

“Psssssstttttt…. Sweet girl….”

But should seeing her ass

Mean that I no longer think?

Should seeing her ass mean

That I automatically sink

Into the carnal?

She didn’t see me.

She didn’t want to be bothered.

She just wanted to go to the supermarket.

Or the store.

Or somewhere else other than here

Subjected to the lewdness

Of my stare

Of me trying to see what was under there

Undressing her with my eyes

Do I not realize that

Seeing her ass as she passes




I can admire the curves

And keep my thoughts to myself

Because ….

If I really think about it….

I must be the 50th person to tell her

What seeing her ass meant to me

For the morning.

And that has to be


~ PassionPoet

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