I am thinking it's time to get back to my virtual roots. The first time I had a web presence/blog I was posting my poems on the web to avoid them being lost. I never anticipated what I'm doing now! But I am going to use this space more to post my poems. A lot will be new posts of old poems, as this is a new space and there are millions of people on the Internet who have not yet had the pleasure of being connected to the Empire or to PassionPoet, but this piece is the newest one as of this writing. A softer, more romantic side of Passion...


This poem celebrates your curvaceous thoughts: The way your intellect fills out, having that jiggle Every time you speak – intuition swaying with The rhythm of every word. You see, I love the Staccato of your synapses firing when we converse – Makes me picture you, self-confident, bad-ass, Striding down the street in a power suit in heels. The deepness of our conversations makes me melt. I am lost in love with the roundness of every complete idea As your summation fills out; I want to hold you in my arms And kiss you, just because our connection is so cerebral. We connect best with our intellects, joining over and over In one glorious mind-fuck after another… Ooops, excuse me – I mean We have intellectual intercourse as our words multiply Filling each other with the most powerful afterglow as we reach our conclusions. We bask in the joy of holding each other in the most intense debates, Unabated joy in just being within each other’s presence after The words die out and finally, there is blissful silence…. But our hearts are full as you have kissed me over and over with your words And our bodies follow suit. I have to kiss you physically Have to express how happy you’ve made me just by filling me mentally. Eyes closed, celebrating cognition with touching tongues And hearts – melting finally into the euphoria of mutual meditation. I can’t wait until our minds merge again in the beauty of our deliberations, Where time melts into meaninglessness, and we are one. ~ PassionPoet

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