Let's Talk Thursday - Is This Rape?

On this platform, I love to talk about, write about and engage in all things sexy, sensual and seductive. I love making you feel good and if you leave my writing hard/wet, then I think I've achieved my objective.

However, dealing with sexual issues isn't always a bed of roses. I was going through my Facebook timeline this morning and came up on a post by Lets Talk Sex, an Antiguan based page and podcast that also deals with sexual topics. This post made my blood boil for several reasons. But first, let me share the actual post...

The question was asked if he was raped or not.

I was mad not because of the actual post itself, but the comments after the post. EVERYBODY - including women, answered the question by saying no, he wasn't raped and, in fact, the girl did the right thing by getting hers.

Now someone mentioned that he was in similar situations before and he didn't feel violated. He mentioned that in any long-term relationship, there will sometimes be situations where romantic libidos don't match up and that is natural. I don't have a problem with that. In fact, I sorta like when the woman takes charge and tells me what she wants etc. But - BUT - what got me with this is two things. HE SAID NO. "....she pushed me back to the bed, and was like 'I want you in me now', I said no. She then just pulled my shorts off..."

The other thing is how he felt afterward, questioning whether he was violated. How many women were in the same position and just because she was consenting before, because she started the engagement, because she was wearing a pretty dress or any number of things - how many women would be in this same exact position questioning whether they were violated? If he woke up feeling all happy that his woman took what she wanted even though he said no, but he quickly got into it when she started - I wouldn't have had a problem with it.

This speaks to blatant double standards for me. I maintain that if it was a woman in this scenario, women all over the planet would (justifiably) want to burn this man to the ground. Where is the defiance in defense of our men?

But enough of my thoughts. What do you think? Was he raped? What say you?

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