Love is in the air

It's February. Two things are on the minds of people during this time: Black History Month and Valentine's Day.

During this time, people spend a lot of time preparing for February 14th. Stores are bedecked in red and white, advertisers scream at us to buy flowers and cards, set reservations and wow your significant other with a good time. It is supposed to be a fun time where two people who are in love come closer - either for the first time, or as a continuation of an extended relationship.

Those who follow me on my other social platforms, most notably my Instagram page, or have been members of my EroticEmpire Fans group on Facebook know that I am mighty heavy on the sexual side of intimacy. (You haven't followed me yet? What are you waiting for?) For me, sex is not taboo or forbidden; it's a natural and - dare I say necessary - facet of the spectrum of intimacy. The removal of sexual union from that spectrum would leave a considerable gap in the realm of human experience. (Not to mention, we'd have a serious dirth in the birth rate for humans. Too soon? Ok, bad joke. Anyway, let's continue.)

As I said, sex is my most engaged topic. That being said, I will not be only focusing on it - especially not during this month. I will endeavour to show the softer side of Passion by giving you some of my more romantic poems here and on IG, as well as dropping snippets of the romantic aspects explored in MAKE IT RAINE.

Oh,you thought it was only about sex? Well, think again!

Although the novel is the story of Raine, the philandering poet, there's a secondary story: the one of the budding romance between Jasmine, the female main character, and Ian, who is Raine's best friend. I won't go into any more detail than that, but I will invite you to read this snippet from the beginning of their date.

Point to note: MAKE IT RAINE has multiple points of view. In this snippet, the first voice you hear (read) will be Ian's and then the point of view switches to Jasmine's voice, as evidenced by their names.

Oh no, I thought, We’ll never make the beginning of the movie....
At least we got to continue our chatting. That thought cheered me up and I slipped my hand around her waist, pecking her on the forehead. “Don’t worry about it, baby,” I said. I found myself lingering there for a second, inhaling her perfume. It smelled like White Diamond; I’d have to ask her. I did ask her about herself first, though. I learned she was an only child and her parents doted on her, that she and her best friend Tracey were almost inseparable, and that she wants to start her own writing company. I was learning a lot about this woman, but our conversation was politely interrupted by the sales clerk; we’d reached the top of the line.
“What do you want?” I asked.
“Popcorn! We’re at the movies!”
I laughed out loud, “Popcorn it is!”
I got her a Coke, but I decided to drink water - There wasn’t anything else there that wasn’t full of sugar or chemicals. No, please.
Jasmine took the popcorn, I held the drinks and we moved to the London room, where our movie was, as we suspected, already in progress. I heard Jasmine suck her teeth and frown at the screen. She hates to miss the beginning, just like I do - or is it because she missed seeing the Rock man-candy from the very start?
I pulled her close as an excuse to smell that intoxicating mix of White Diamond (I think) and her sweat as I teased her with, “You’re so cute when you’re mad,” giving her another peck on the cheek. I wanted to kiss other places too, but I’m trying to be a gentleman here. We went looking for seats. Finally found some near the middle of the room. Had to ask to be excused so we could get to two seats that were vacant, but we can finally sit down now and get engrossed in the movie.
Damn, why do these chairs have to be so low?
* * *
As the movie continued, the death defying stunts and the action had everyone in the movie theatre roaring in appreciation. Although I was watching for the man-candy and not really the cars or the guns, I got caught up in the scenes and was totally enjoying the atmosphere that the common camaraderie afforded. The best part was seeing my date act like a little boy over the cars. It was hilarious how engrossed he got into the movie. Sharing the popcorn was fun too. I found it so romantic and sweet, us sharing the huge popcorn. We had a good time laughing and goofing off while trying to see who could eat the most popcorn before the movie finished! The ending, though: the ending of that movie gave me my girlie cry - the one reserved for touching scenes at the end of my romantic comedies. Ian was moved too, I could tell, but my tears brought out his protective side again. A handkerchief (wait, who still carries around those things?) miraculously appeared and I sobbed into it, even as he was pulling me closer to him.
“Shhhhhhhhh,” he said, his voice soft and soothing, stroking away my tears; the gentleness in his tone mimicking the soft strokes of his fingers in my hair. “Shhhh baby..... but,” he paused, his voice then taking on his teasing tone, “You know - we have to stop meeting like this...”
The ridiculous statement shocked me, then cracked me up in spite of my tears. Of course this is like the night we met! I would have felt embarrassed, but he had me laughing too badly!
“Boy, I can’t believe you! You’re so stupid!”
“Well, I got you to laugh, didn’t I?”
“Well played, sir; well played!”
And then he kissed me. Without warning. He was still holding me close, the little hiccups the only evidence of my earlier emotional outburst
The earth tilted out of orbit - no, it was just that I got woozy. Was that a choir of angels singing the Hallelujah chorus overhead? Did the lights that came on because the movie was finished go dull again? No, I think I closed my eyes. I lost all track of time - were our lips touching for two minutes or the span of multiple eras? Am I still breathing? Or did my breath get snatched away by the static cling of our lips?
We kissed for God knows how long; when we parted, my lips immediately missed being pressed onto his. My soul cried out wordlessly; my lips were still parted, seeking his with the yearning of a baby suddenly deprived of her milk.
Slowly, I came back to earth. The lights brightened again. My equilibrium returned - and, looking around, it seemed like we were the only two patrons left! In fact, cinema staff were starting to come in to clean up after the noisy cinema goers, who forgot to take their garbage with them. Embarrassed to be still here when the cleaners walked in, we exited stage left and hurried to the outside air.

Congratulations for making it this far into this fairly long blog post! I hope you enjoyed that snippet into Jasmine and Ian's lives. If you're interested in finding out more, please don't hesitate to hop over here and purchase your own copy of MAKE IT RAINE - or, since it IS the month of love, purchasing it or any other book from the collection!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Why or why not?

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