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My beard soaked with your orgasm makes me smile.

And I am reminiscing….

Thinking about just a few minutes ago when

I was getting it soaked:

When passion-shaped pretzels were the

Moulds I pressed your body into

When your undulations mimicked the ministrations

Of my penetrations… Put simply,

When I licked, your body reacted:

Contracted and expanded in time with my deliberations.

One might even say I provided orations upon which

Your body was engrossed:

My tongue provided the message;

Your hips provided the podium upon which the message was delivered,

And I intended to bring a powerful message tonight.

Powerful enough to move mountains:

Those twin mounds of feminine beauty hung high above my questing tongue,

Bouncing as your body is quaking with the tremors of your intense feelings.

I might even say I and my tongue are excavating

Searching diligently for the treasure buried deep within spread thighs.

And my beard soaked through with orgasm makes me smile.

Closing my eyes as inhaling your triumph makes me giddy

I take your essence with me, ingesting you with every intake of breath.

I am addicted to you: every time I breathe, I take another hit…

And as I go about my day, I stay reminiscing –

Remembering when I was getting my beard soaked with your orgasm,

And already planning for the next time

When I can take a dip

In your marinade.


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