Meditation: A Yoni Appreciation

On Instagram, in my IG Stories, I celebrate #MasturbationMonth and #SelfLove by asking my female audience how much time they take to appreciate their yonis. 'Yoni' is a Sanskrit word for 'sacred place' which is what the vagina is called.

I have my poetic appreciation for the yoni below!


I kneel at the entrance of the Temple,

And breathe.


In…. Out…. In…. Out….

Incense filling nostrils with holy perfume

Feeling Energy rise

Body resonating to the frequency of you

Vibrations pulsing in the rhythm of our shared connection

I am surrounded by the presence of Divinity.

Eyes closed, I breathe in, and sit still.

Only movement, my breath.

In…. Out…. In…. Out….

My Energy rises as I take in the essence of your presence.

Not just physical, but elemental,

I feel you reach out and caress my cheek.

I melt into you, finally

Our touch sends ripples throughout the Universe

Gods awaken from slumber, curious as to the disturbance in the Force.

Our joining is cosmic, energetic, revelatory.

Touching Divinity, I myself become Divine in an instant.

Yet, not becoming, but recognizing my Godhood already existing.

I pulse in the deepness of Temple core.

Kundalini rises, creativity expands

Creation implodes and restarts in the blink of an eye.

In…. Out…. In…. Out….

Our movements mimic the rhythm of sensual breath

Enjoying the leisurely climb to pleasure’s pinnacle

Where we stand atop the summit, in full light of the Sun

Basking in the glow of our combined connection

That washes over us in wave after wave of bliss.

And after, though still connected,

We part, lying tangled in our heartstrings

Glorying in the deepness of our morning meditation

As the fire from the Holy of Holies fades from view

Replaced by the Fire burning incessantly

Within our breast

Pulsing again with the rhythm of our breath

In…. Out…. In…. Out….

~ PassionPoet

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