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So... a couple weeks ago Instagram started warning me about my content and then did the ultimate - deleted my account. For those of you who have followed me faithfully on IG (under @bajanpassionpoet) you can find me at my new space @_bajanpassionpoet_ (two underscores surrounding my name.) I have to rebuild my following - so, if you haven't found me yet, please check me out there.

I really want to work on having this space be a censor-free zone, where you are encouraged to join the Members area to go buck-wild in a safe environment. I want it to be away from the public eye too, so that those who are uninitiated (i.e., sensitive LOL) can traverse the public corridors of the website without ever knowing about the debauchery that goes on in the dungeons underneath........ (Dungeons, did you say??? *evil cackle*)

I'm still working on my brand awareness. I will work on changing up a few things on the website to showcase the brand a bit more as well. If you're liking the site as is, or if you want to suggest changes, I'm all for it. Just hit me up! I do want to change things around a bit... so stay tuned for new updates!

~ PassionPoet

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