Morning Rose

I can now post poems directly to my site! I hope you enjoy.... it was written today!

Morning Rose

I see your flower unfurling gracefully in the morning light;

Pink light fades and pink flesh moistens.

I lick my lips, savouring the touch of your lips to mine:

Wondering no more at the taste of your womanhood.

I sit transfixed as your flower blooms right before my eyes.

That I am privileged to witness your intimacies brings me pause.

I am most honoured for the beauty you bequeath to me

And I do not wish to take for granted the gift that you are.

People see me as lustful – thinking only with head hidden under cloth,

But me… I see my way as worshipful: filling the air with the scent of prayers

As lips curl around lips and moans rise like incense;

Thighs as wide as the doors of the Holiest of Holy Grounds welcome me home.

Come – let us worship and bow down! Let me kneel before my Goddess

And make her whisper supplications begging me to cease,

As our bodies increase in divine movements

Producing the need to release the Holy Water from within the Temple.

I see your flower unfurling gracefully in the morning light

Pink light fades into white as pink flower moistens.

Thighs flung open wide in joyous invitation,

As I slide inside her petals, seeking nectar – the Ambrosia of the Gods,

Our rhythmic cries of climax bid the gates of Heaven part!

~ PassionPoet

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