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I needed to try and get myself out of the funk I've been in over the past couple years that has stopped my creative flow. I have a growing pile of WIPs (Works In Progress) that is frustrating me. I start a project and then peter out somewhere...

But, recently, I changed tactics.

Instead of trying to release another book of prose (I currently have WIPs for MAKE IT RAINE 2 and 3, an action-adventure novel AND a short story collection...) I decided to return to my literary roots and release an anthology of poetry to join my first four books EROTIC, SEDUCTION, QUOTES OF PASSION and OFFERING.

I was initially going to write another book of erotic poetry. I was aiming to name it PLEASURE and style it as book 3 in the Lustful Trio (EROTIC and SEDUCTION being the predecessors), but a chance conversation changed the trajectory of the book.

Having a conversation with another Barbadian poet, La Shawna Griffith, who currently has three books of her own out, I spontaneously decided to expand the scope of the book and not just write erotica. Previously, in a bid to shake my funk, I pulled together all of the erotic and sexually themed poems I'd written in the last year and a half and titled the project PLEASURE, as I said. Talking to La Shawna about her latest book R.O.G.U.E and how vulnerable some of the pieces were inspired me. I decided to do something I'd never done before and show some of the personal poems I wrote - not for public consumption, but to get through some painful times in my own life: when I left the Christian tradition, my last divorce, dealing with body image, things like that.

So, the renamed project Passion: The Gemini Project was born!

I write not only when horny - but happy, angry, confused and lonely, too. And those poems are all in this book, along with a healthy dose of sexy, of course!

I am a Gemini (duh!) and thus boast the dual nature of being bubbly AND reserved. This book celebrates both sides of my nature.

Do you want to know more about PassionPoet beyond the sex? This is the book for you! Get the Kindle and Paperback versions now!

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