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If this is the first time you're seeing a blog post from me and you've been a subscriber for a while - I apologize! Please go back and check out the other blog posts on the main blog page! I've been trying to figure out how to get my subscribers to automatically get emails when I post blog entries. I think I've finally gotten it. If you have not received this from your email, let me know - that means I still have work to do...

I am still working on the finishing touches for my webinar. It is coming late this month - in fact, mark your calendars! Thursday May 30th, 2019 at 9:00 PM Atlantic/Eastern Standard Time / 8:00 PM Central Standard Time is the official date for the PassionPoet Process of Poetry Workshop/Webinar.

Are you ready to learn?

I will be targeting beginner/intermediate writers, but anyone who has been a supporter of mine through the years and just wants to hear me talk about how I write can chime in! My work has been said to be descriptive and people have always said they could feel my characters' emotions - let me show you how I do it!

I also will give a few tips on overcoming stage fright for writers who want to translate their work from the page to the stage in whatever format they choose - reading their work or learning it by heart for performance. I've been a spoken word artist for about eight years now, but I still have to centre myself and prepare for each performance - sometimes with better results than others!

If you're interested, click over to the Webinar link and sign up! Paying just US $20 will give you the ability to learn how to:

  • Write in a more sensual way, i.e. more in tune with sensory language, engaging descriptions of sensory experiences.

  • Expand in the knowledge and use of literary devices, esp. metaphors, similes, imagery

  • Understand that sexual energy is the same as creative energy and harness techniques using it to write in any genre.

I know that last one will get a couple people interested!

So, please go over to the PassionPoet Process of Poetry Workshop/Webinar landing page and sign up! If you know someone who might be interested, pass the link along to them as well! See you on May 30th!


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