Panties In Protest

I was writing a new story last night and came across an article that made me pause. It was an old article, written in January 2017, but unfortunately the subject is very much relevant today.

I was writing a story called Laundry Day and wanted a provocative picture of a sexy looking panty on a clothes-line that I could use for the accompanying picture.

Those who know me know my panty fetish, so I was drawn in by this photo during my Google search.

Because I was interested to see where the picture came from, I clicked on it and so I found myself on MARIE CLAIRE's website. The article to which this photo was attached highlighted where South African women were protesting the prevalence of rape in that country with dirty/used panties hung out on clothes-lines.

To say I was stunned was an understatement.

"SA’s Dirty Laundry made a statement that was difficult to miss. Artists Jenny Nijenhuis and Nondumiso Msimanga set out to represent the 3 600 rapes that are estimated to take place in South Africa every day. Women who wished to share their stories of rape started donating their panties to the project in June. The underwear was hung in a public space to get people to connect to and talk about the stories of violation and the bigger problems they represent." (excerpt)

Now those who know me know I am a staunch supporter of women and my brand, though leveraging sexuality and speaking about women's pleasure a lot, does not condone rape or non-consent of any kind. So I had to speak about this on my social media platforms - and I even redesigned my blog and changed the font so that people could read this message clearer!

" Underwear had to be used because it reveals the stains and wear-and-tear of a life lived inside it: it has an identity, and a crucial part of this project is engaging with the identities that are stolen or lost when rape occurs."

This article made me pause. Made me see panties in a new light. Made me appreciate the vulnerability of these brave souls who used this little strip of cloth to be able to shed light on a world-wide epidemic.

To read the entire article, please click this link and read Provocative Panties: The Artists behind SA's 'Dirty Laundry' talk to MC on Marie Claire's website.

After you have read this, please tell me your thoughts!

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