Passionate New Year!

Happy New Year!

First, I want to wish you a Passionate New Year! We are very grateful to be here another year - so many people did not. If you are morning the loss of someone close, you have my deepest sympathies! (hugs)

Second, I want to apologize for not keeping up with the blog for over a month - I missed milestones like Barbados' Independence, Christmas Day and Boxing Day - and New Year's Day proper. What can I say? I slacked off ... I'll endeavour not to do that again this year.

So what are my New Year wishes? (Dunno if I wanna say 'resolutions', 'cause these are more easy to be broken ... maybe the stigma behind resolutions? Anyway....)

This year I want to have more content, more comments and more conversation on this here blog. I have several places where people connected to my Empire converse: Facebook, Whatsapp and MeWe chats .... but I really want this blog to also have a life of its own. I'm seeking your connection this year!

I want to get to Kenya. Since last year I have been getting steadily more exposure to Kenyan people who LOVE my work and I'm working towards some sort of show in Kenya where I perform/read and sell my work. So ... while I prepare in terms of learning new pieces (ewwww... I hate memorization!) I also want to ask you, my Empire members, to help pitch in and help me get to Kenya if you love me and my work!

I want to work towards getting the EroticEmpire out into the open - I want people to think of me when they think erotic literature - just like how they think Zane or Eric Jerome Dickey. To do that, I need to get back on the writing horse and I need to be able to reconnect with my writing and my characters. I do need to be inspired to write again. I had somewhat of a break or hiatus as the business of writing took over my love of writing, and I felt very burnt out. I'm coming out of that this year and I want to write more. I want to release another book of poetry and finish one or both of my manuscripts for my RAINE spinoffs.

What plans do YOU have for the year? This is the Empire, so I'm really wanting to hear something naughty .... Do you dare????

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