Poem: The Mating Dance of The Sun

I love writing to the inspiration of images that I find online. I try to give credit where I can if I take an image off the Internet, but it is so much better for me if I can find willing artists willing to collab with me by letting me use their own images as inspiration. My IG friend @la.nudite.regne is an awesome Barbadian photographer who shares my fascination for the female body and worships her with gorgeous images. I found one of his recent models online who shared an image he did, and it arrested me. Therefore, I decided to ask for permission to use it and came up with this poem. I hope you enjoy it!

The Mating Dance of the Sun

She dances with the sunlight -

Twirling with his rays like they

Are waltzing.

She dances with the sunlight,

Turning seductively in his arms.

She dances with the sunlight -

Seductive swaying of hip

Rocking deliberately as they

Come together.

She dances with the sunlight,

And she is consumed with his need.

She dances with the sunlight -

Eyes locked in passion as

Hands clasp and hips meet …


She dances with the sunlight,

As all inhibitions are burnt away.

She twirls ecstatic with the sunlight!

Overpowered emotion making

Movements frenzied with the

Power of climax!

She is consumed by the sunlight

As she gives herself completely to his power!

She is resplendent in the sunlight

She is no longer herself

Totally consumed with his craving

For her inner being

She is overcome by the sunlight

As he completely engulfs her in his flame!

She is dancing with the sunlight

No longer two, but one

He is completely inside her now

Burning with pulsing heat

Sensually dancing with the sunlight

Arms raised ecstatic, as his fire shines from within.


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