Poem: Thirst

First, this is the first post for the year 2020 - Forgive me for my tardiness here ... I've not posted on the blog but I have been busy! I have new merchandise for sale, I'm going to Grenada next month to perform - there's a lot going on!

That doesn't mean I should not have been posting here, and for those who do follow me here, I apologize. I will try to post more and balance better.

In the meantime, I wanted to post this piece as an erotic ode to what most of us want to be doing on Valentine's Day later on this week... Enjoy!


Bend to my will

And take my rod

Deep inside your

Pulsing cavern

As you hold your ankles

Screaming for Daddy to

Push in deeper.

I thirst for you;

I want to feel you.

Hands grip hips possessively

Grunts meet moans

As thrusts bounce repeatedly

Against round globes of flesh

Trusting that

I know how to handle you

Making you submit

Sweat drips from skin

As we battle for dominance

I crave your submission

But you won’t give it willingly

I exert my dominance

Cum-manding you on every turn

Every desire

My will your only consuming thought

Take these deep strokes

Let me make you melt

Give me everything you have

Everything you are

Satisfy my thirst!

Enjoy your week - and your Valentine's Day!

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