Ravage ME

Forgive me for skipping a week of posts. It's been hectic in the day job and, honestly, was also dealing with some personal issues that robbed me of my inspiration. However, I'm back! I could have written another article (and, in fact, one is cumming - oops, I mean, coming!) later on this week. Yes, that means you'll have two blog posts this week.

Today, though, I wanted to post a poem.

When I started my blogging journey, it was just a safe space on the interwebs to store my poems so that they would not be lost by hardware/software malfunction - as had happened with the very early work I wrote. It grew into what you see here today. I didn't do it for others at first, but then I started to share what I wrote and got people to like what I did. I was the most surprised person! But - here we are.

This poem is one of my erotic set, and is one of the last ones I wrote. If you like it, please comment and tell me what you think!


Tongues attacking one another with vengeance – angrily.

Hands grabbing – wildly – as passions flare in swelling waves;

Two mixed martial arts matadors clashing emotions like weapons

And we exchange blows, each warrior swinging, trying to assert domin