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Forgive me for skipping a week of posts. It's been hectic in the day job and, honestly, was also dealing with some personal issues that robbed me of my inspiration. However, I'm back! I could have written another article (and, in fact, one is cumming - oops, I mean, coming!) later on this week. Yes, that means you'll have two blog posts this week.

Today, though, I wanted to post a poem.

When I started my blogging journey, it was just a safe space on the interwebs to store my poems so that they would not be lost by hardware/software malfunction - as had happened with the very early work I wrote. It grew into what you see here today. I didn't do it for others at first, but then I started to share what I wrote and got people to like what I did. I was the most surprised person! But - here we are.

This poem is one of my erotic set, and is one of the last ones I wrote. If you like it, please comment and tell me what you think!


Tongues attacking one another with vengeance – angrily.

Hands grabbing – wildly – as passions flare in swelling waves;

Two mixed martial arts matadors clashing emotions like weapons

And we exchange blows, each warrior swinging, trying to assert dominance.

Slamming bodies against walls, teeth on skin as sweat sprays in exertion

Cloth ripped, underwire wrangled, bountiful breast and dark areola exposed to cold air

For a second, before being hidden by the wet heat of hungry mouth.

I bite, soliciting a lustful moan from your ragged throat, before muscles bulge

And you push me against same wall, ripping my cloth, exposing my nipples to same treatment –

Producing same moan.

“Ravish me!” That was your plea before the battle. “Don’t do me gently, but take me –

Make me know what it means to submit to your cum-mand!

Rip my submission from the grip of my obstinance – Take it, it’s yours, no permission needed

To make me bow in reverence to your dominance. Remove my disobedience and feed it to me.

Oh God, I want you to ravish me!”

So, ravish I do, though you are not making it easy. I pin your arms against your sweating body and,

Against your writhing, again pull ecstasy from stiffening breasts. Nipples taut – taught to stand upright

By my fevered tongue’s attention: not to mention my fingers that make short work of releasing

The fastening of your jeans - the means to the end of pleasure for us both.

Denim down. Curves of hips come into view as you wriggle, confining material kicked off.

Then, suddenly, you attack me - making light work of my body as you struggle against me

to overpower me – or try to, anyway…

Pushing me down upon the downy ground that is our bed, shedding composure with your teeth

Marking your territory, scoring passion marks upon my stomach.

But I will not let you win! Spinning bodies until you’re pinned under me, thrusting fingers internally

Finding inside dripping panty, seeking wetness. Oh, the sweetness of moisture! Inside of She,

My fingers make coming movements that mimic the cumming movements of your hips

Which switch on their own accord under the undulations of exquisite pleasure.

“That all you got?” you pant, pretending you can’t feel tsunami building, getting ready to break,

Smashing reason under the powerful treasonous waves of your jubilation.

“I’ve just started,” I reply, ripping lacy brief. Thick thighs parted, as I imparted my stiffening tongue

Inside the wetness of your sweetness. I inhale your essence. And then, I dine.

Sucking feminine folds into eager lips, whipping your yoni to feminine frenzy with my tongue,

Slurping down your sugary cream until I sense the inpending scream bursting from your other lips.

Writhing hips dancing under the onslaught of my feasting, pushing bare mound flush against my moving


And then, we switch.

Moving with unerring speed, remaining clothing removed with flourish,

You denude me, then speedily position dripping yoni above me, while inhaling my staff greedily –

And all I can do is follow suit: gripping hips powerfully, pulling your clit down hungrily into my mouth –

And we both moan simultaneously at the mutuality of our overwhelming sensations.

Sixty-nine reasons to sin as we keep getting in trouble. Rumble of emotions crumble our composure

As we each try to out-do the other with the power of our suction; oral seduction our only game.

Inflamed with lust, our only plan is to end in fame, taking the title of Most Proficient Lover from this bout,

Not tapping out, but trying to make the other quit. Sounds of slurping, moaning, slapping and clapping

Pierce the air as we wrestle.

And all too soon, you feed me my dinner. Tasting your offering’s creamy texture on my lips.

And I almost came too, but wanted to bury my stiffness inside you, so forced my rising tide back

With the strength of ten thousand tigers.

I lay on my back and held your hips as you dipped, slipping your wetness onto my hardness,

And once again we moan in unison; our combined souls arising

Bodies rocking, hips moving, spirits flying towards the apex of our climb-max,

Climbing to the pinnacle of our coitus, we warring wrestlers still entwined:

You have me pinned! But there is no countdown; hips rolling around and around as the sound of Us

Resounds around the bedroom battleground – this boudoir of lust

As our voices rise together in mutual battle cries

Signaling our impending triumph!

“Ravish me!”

“Your wish is my cum-mand!”

“Ravish me!”

“Take me, baby!”

“Ravish me!”

“I will, gladly…..”

Ah – ah – ah – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I’m cumming! I’m cumming!

One … two … threeeeeee

We’re coming …

And as we stand upon the summit of our conquest

None the absolute victor over the other

We kiss, bodies slick with sweat – conceding a tie.


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