The Case of Jill (Or, The Case For Sexual Freedom And Against Censorship)

Now, I'm sure you and all your ancestors have heard of or viewed the video showing Jill Scott showing off her head game on a mic during a performance. No? You haven't? Where have you been living? Let me enlighten you ...

Now, understandably, this video is rather polarizing. You either love it or hate it. I've seen several people praising #JillyfromPhilly for her boldness, while others think she lost her goddamn mind!

This video has gone viral, but long-time Jill Scott fans scoff at the controversy, saying that this "ain't nothing new" and that she's usually expressive and theatrical while performing. In fact, Scott herself responded via Twitter to say that people should "cum to her shows" because she sings and acts out "all types of stories." I love that she says, "After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with."

Personally, I love it! I mean, I always want people to leave extremely aroused after watching me perform. I always say I want you to leave me and go fuck or get fucked. Hell, I even have a disclaimer in my first two books of poetry:

“The author, Robert R. Gibson, otherwise known on stages locally and internationally as PassionPoet, is not to be held responsible for, or is not legally bound to, any population explosion in any part of the world nine months after anyone reads the contents of this book!”

I love that we have artists who are unabashedly sexual and open. I love that we live in an age where sexual taboos are being challenged. Open sexuality offends people with old-time conservative thinking - people who still believe that we live in the Victorian or Puritan ages. That outmoded thinking makes women responsible for men's reactions ("cover up to prevent making your brothers 'fall into sin' by lusting") and makes men the caretakers of women's bodies.

Rightly, this must be challenged on all counts! I mean, if a dog can be trained to sit next to food for hours and not break training to get up and eat, men can be encouraged (yes, why not use the same word: trained) to not be a slave to every impulse and exercise self-control!

Also, why are you offended? It wasn't like Jill was actually giving head out in the open! People are acting like she was buck-ass naked in front of millions of people...

As an artist known for erotic work, I've had my fair share of censorship. As I mentioned in my last post, Facebook routinely bans me from posting to my own account or restricts global access to some of my content because it goes against their Community Standards. I get that it's their platform, their rules - hence why I'm creating my own space here. I get that certain content isn't for everyone.

But, with that being said, overt sexuality isn't - or doesn't have to be - crude. People judge things because they themselves are uncomfortable, not because there's anything wrong with what's being shown. We're no longer living in a world ruled by the moral code of Christianity or Islam or Judaism, (The three main religions guilty for policing sexuality - usually female sexuality.) Let's face it. People are up in arms because it's a woman being that overt. Women aren't supposed to be as sexual as men and damn well shouldn't show it out in public! It's ingrained in our training - women are the ones told to be modest, which is a technique of making women responsible for men's behaviour: a critical component of rape culture.

I say, sexual freedom is an exercise in authenticity. If, as I do on FB, for example, a group of like-minded people come together in a secluded, separated cyber-space, with members properly vetted and no outside interference is allowed, then people should be able to do and say what they want in the confines of the rules of that community. There are spaces where overt sexuality is not appropriate - I'm not advocating for anarchy and no rules at all! I'm just saying ... maybe people need to take the stick out of their asses long enough to realize that overt sexuality is not a sin, that people are not about to fuck you and your children in the streets if you allow people to be authentically themselves and if you really are offended, maybe you should think long and hard about why. You probably have some unhealed trauma that needs looking at.

Let the Jill Scotts and the PassionPoets alone. We aren't trying to corrupt you. We're trying to free you - trying to teach you, to show you that sexuality is nothing to be afraid of or offended by. Sexual energy is creative energy - without it, none of us would even be here! Let's see how holy you can get when you're trying to conceive.... but that's another story for another time!


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