The Journey

Welcum to another post! How have you been keeping yourself busy during this time of lock-down/quarantine? I hope you're keeping yourself safe!

This is one of my older pieces, but I saw a piece of art that inspired it. Enjoy...

The Journey

want to kiss my way from

toes to fingertips

making the trip

s l o w l y

taking in all the sights along the way

noticing the little scar on your knee

from the day you fell out of the breadfruit tree

and tracing the rough edges of the place

where mosquito bit – leaving a trace

of her love bite

and I do the same,

soothing with a kiss.

silky thigh makes me sigh with

softness of tender skin


my tongue has thoughts of plundering…

I pull it back into line

and continue my journey.

tracing each curving hip

with heated breath from questing lip

I pass over the rolling hills of your behind

remembering the first time

I saw your birthmark.

I have no haste while

arms encircle willing waist

not wanting to miss anything,

I stop to take in the view

how breath taking!


are exquisite, so divine

I start again the meandering climb

carefully scaling sloping spine

with kisses.

Tongue plays connect the dots

drawing lines between each freckle,

but not to draw a picture.

I’m seeking all your pleasure spots

Gently parting flowing locks

I make my mark on nape of neck,

teeth carving, “I love you,”

into tender bark.

Kissing slowly down shoulder blade

noting carefully the goosebumps made

as trailing fingers trace your back

lips close to journey’s end

I suck each finger – turn over


for the trip back









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