Tryin' a Thing - Pushing Passionate Words...

So ... I was trying something! The PassionPoet brand is part of a larger collective of business ideas, all surrounding my first love: words.

Passionate Words Editing Services is my homage to helping other writers put their best stories forward. I am a self proclaimed grammar Nazi - even punctuation mistakes make me stumble in my enjoyment of a book like if I was walking merrily along a stone path and then stub my toe on a rock... but I digress...

I was encouraged to start an editing business but was afraid to do so for a few years. When I did take the plunge, however, I realized that I was feeling inadequate for no reason. Yes, yes I can do this!

Do you want to find out more about PWES? Check this out:

It's been a couple years now and I've been very happy with the results! We've done several books over the years and clients have been returning with new projects when they are about to release new books. I'm happy! Look at a small selection of the books we have helped edit over the years...

See what others are saying about PWES:

PWES Testimonal by Mariposa, the Butterfly Queen!

PWES Testimonial by Nicholas 'NEC' Boyce.

So - how do you get in touch with us if you have a book of your own? (I don't just do fiction, by the way: memoirs, business writing - heck, even your shopping list if you want....)

You can use the contact form here on the site, or email us at Oh! Don't forget to check us out on Instagram and FB as well!

Let us help tell your stories! Words are a writer's currency. Let us at PWES help you spend it wisely!

~ PassionPoet

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