Wellcum to the Empire!!

Welcome to the EroticEmpire - the interactive side of PassionPoet.com. If you are here from the EroticEmpire groups on FB, you would know that one of our major issues with that platform is censorship. If you have joined a secret group where the members are screened before entry and no one from outside is allowed in, why are we being harassed by the FB Police when we post things we want to see? Why? Well, to be fair, they do own their platform, so they have the right to tell us what can and cannot be used on it.

So, I've created my own.

Here, we will have free reign! I will have to be vigilant and do my own policing, as this is the Internet proper (not just a Facebook group) and I have to make sure that no one underage can access the NSFW content. I will work to differentiate the tame-ish stuff from the outright down and dirty, but I'm endeavouring to create a place where members can be free and have the right to express themselves how they wish!

I will post poems in the blogs, and I will create a forum for interactivity as well. Join me and help PassionPoet.com and the EroticEmpire grow from strength to strength!

#Wellcum #NewPlatform

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