What is the EroticEmpire?

Glad you asked!

First, the EroticEmpire started out as the catchy name I had for the erotic side of PassionPoet - the imprint under which I sell my books (Find out more about my books here!)

To that end, I created a FB page and FB group in order to create a community around my books - lovers of naughty words written by a Bajan who loves women and words - not always in that order! I didn't want the group to only be about books, so I invited members to post their own erotic work and just have fun with being members.

That was in 2014. Four years later, the EroticEmpire has spawned three Facebook groups (#EroticEmpire, EroticEmpire Fans, and The House of Passion), a group on another social site called MeWe (a less censored social media platform -