What is the EroticEmpire?

Glad you asked!

First, the EroticEmpire started out as the catchy name I had for the erotic side of PassionPoet - the imprint under which I sell my books (Find out more about my books here!)

To that end, I created a FB page and FB group in order to create a community around my books - lovers of naughty words written by a Bajan who loves women and words - not always in that order! I didn't want the group to only be about books, so I invited members to post their own erotic work and just have fun with being members.

That was in 2014. Four years later, the EroticEmpire has spawned three Facebook groups (#EroticEmpire, EroticEmpire Fans, and The House of Passion), a group on another social site called MeWe (a less censored social media platform - you can check it out here) - even a group on WhatsApp - all in a bid to grow community and share my work to the world.

Now, I'm expanding again, to my own website, where I'm endeavouring to break the shackles of censorship on the other platforms. Here I want to have full autonomy. The other sites will still exist - it IS an Empire, after all - but I'm wanting us to grow and have fun here, sharing and telling others about my work and having more people exposed (no pun intended - or is it?) to my naughty mind!

Welcum to the EroticEmpire - where I worship women with my words!

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