What is the EroticEmpire?

Welcome to my blog. I've not been here in a while. *blows cobwebs off my keyboard*

A lot has been going on (possibly will do it in another post), but I wanted to reintroduce myself to my Empire.

Hi. I'm PassionPoet. And this is my Empire - my EroticEmpire. You're here because you stumbled onto my space, or have actually decided to follow me and see what I'm doing. Anyway, whatever reason you're here, thank you.

I wanted to explain to the newcummers what the EroticEmpire is about. That, and remind the ones who have been here a while what they signed up for.

Let me start by telling you a story.

This is Anne-Marie. She is a good friend who has also been a model and promo girl for various products, amongst other things. I reached out to her last year because I wanted a creative way to showcase my books. She also loves to be naked. So - naked model. Erotic books. Exhibitionism. Perfect fit.

We spent nearly six hours or so at two locations along with our awesome photographer Adrian, who shoots under the Instagram moniker @La.Nudite.Regne - the Nude Experience. We showcased our books on the beach and then in a secluded area with a brook. We had a great time and actually even recorded an episode of my podcast, The Wett Spot, right there on set.

While doing this set of images, Anne-Marie fell asleep!

Granted, part of it was because she was so busy all the time in her normal life that lying down immediately put her body into rest mode, but it was also that she was so completely comfortable with being naked around these two men that her body just relaxed and she fell asleep.

This is what I want to espouse with the EroticEmpire.

First, the EroticEmpire is the brand under which the Bajan.PassionPoet and The Wett Spot reside. (@bajan.passionpoet is the Instagram handle of PassionPoet, my spoken word/writing persona. The Wett Spot (@the.wett.spot.podcast) is my weekly podcast, based on Anchor. It is a safe space for sweat, tears and sensuality, and is the perfect medium for merging erotica and education into an entertaining package.) Bajan.PassionPoet, The Wett Spot, my books and my performances are all covered by the umbrella term 'The Erotic Empire', or EroticEmpire.

The EroticEmpire is not just about the books or even the erotica itself. The EroticEmpire is a movement towards exploring sensuality safely. It is a space of non-judgmental exploration of concepts surrounding sexuality. The goal is to use various means (poetry, performance, writing, the podcast) within the brand to showcase that sex is natural and a part of the human existence, and the Puritanical mental shackles need to be removed.

My goal is to entertain and arouse with the poetry and performance, but then educate with my podcasts and other online and offline appearances to let people see that there is a space within modern society for the erotic; that it isn't bad or sinful or morally degenerative.

Put simply - the EroticEmpire showcases safety in sensuality. I want a place where people can feel comfortable being their free, sensual selves, where women can learn to let go and relax, and where men are taught and encouraged, not only to treat women with the respect that they deserve, but that they themselves can have a space for healing of their own traumas.

This is the way of the Empire.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and tell me! And please share the blog post with others!

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