What to Do While in (Self)Isolation...

By now, the entire world is under COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) watch. First, I am with all of you as we navigate this very difficult time. Many of us are practicing #socialdistancing - which, for me, as someone who loves to interact with people online - doesn't change my life too much, but I also like physical contact like hugs! So, the Gemini in me appreciates the dichotomy of the situation.

It goes without saying that I want to encourage everyone to listen to the warnings about COVID-19 and follow the advice/warnings/directives as given to you by the relevant authorities. Also, practice good hygiene at all times - wash your hands with soap often, use sanitizer if soap is unavailable and make sure you practice good etiquette: don't cough or sneeze in people's faces!

But you have done all that and you have self isolated for your protection. You may have been placed under quarantine as things in your country have shut down - schools, offices, restaurants ... any where that people usually gather. Now, what are you going to do during this time?

I have a few solutions for you! Let's #CoronaAndChill ....

My podcast The Wett Spot is my first offering for you guys. It can be listened to on several different podcasting platforms - Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and others. The Wett Spot is a safe space for tears, sweat and sexuality - in the episodes I drop some of my erotic writing as well as interview some awesome people on many diverse topics: from describing sensual empowerment with a sensual empowerment leader to getting raunchy with an erotic spoken word artist and writer. The unifying thread is that I want to glorify women with my platform, and always want to give them a chance to shine. Don't be fooled by the suggestiveness of the cover art. Go check it out!

Do you love to read? Do you like erotica? Poetry? Since we're unable to go outside and you'll be looking for stuff to occupy your time, check out these page turners. I've written six steamy, skin-tillating titles. Get them and have some fun. Yes, I know you're supposed to be isolated ... but sexting still works! Check out my list of books here!

What would you like to be doing while practicing #socialdistancing? Leave a comment below! Let me know what YOUR favourite books or podcasts are!

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