Why Erotica?

"So .... why did you choose to write erotica?"

Good question!

Why did I choose to write erotica? (Or, rather, focus on it, since I do write other things!)

First, I got into writing about sex because I wasn't getting any! (Don't worry, that's since changed - but that's another story ... or not! hehe) Seriously, though, when I started writing sexy poems I was in my late teens, still a virgin, at that time a practicing Christian (gasp! Yes, chile!) and trying to control my sexual urges the best way I knew how. I had been writing my feelings for a couple years before that time (I had started writing at age 14) and this was a natural progression. I started writing about sex because that was how I was feeling, just like how I wrote everything else. Eventually, though, I got married and settled down and my writing seemed to wither away and die .... (or so I thought...)

Then, that marriage dissolved.

Out of the pain of that divorce, I got pulled back into the world of writing as a cathartic way to get my feelings out, just like how I did when I was a teenager. (Big up to DJ Simmons for his constant support of my art and visions - it was his open mic that I was invited to that got me back into writing.)

(Speaking of DJ, go check his website platform about Bajan culture GineOn.com! Ok this has nothing to do with my post. Where was I? Oh, right...)

From there I started going to more open mics and writing more and more pieces. I found that I had a love affair with two things: words and women. I loved writing pieces about how I felt about women. I loved writing pieces that espoused how women made me feel, and I was performing them at open mics more and more. I began to be known in Barbados for the sensual poetry and I was enjoying myself. I coined my name "PassionPoet" because I am Passionate about everything I do - and it also was a nod to the types of poems I was becoming known for.

Then, the books. People kept asking me when I was gonna write a book as I was performing all the time, so one day I decided to pull together a book out of the hundreds of poems in my Dropbox archive. I decided to focus on erotic poems because, well, sex sells - right? And it was what people seemed to like. I pulled together my manuscript in about an hour and my first book EROTIC was born. I've written more since then. You should go check here on the site for more info....

passionate kisses

But back to the main question. Why erotica? Why write about sex and about women the way I do? I certainly have my detractors - my mother keeps telling me I write porn and my immediate family has stopped following me on social media because of the explicit nature of my writings and what I put up online. Hell, I'm a repeat FB offender and constantly get censored for posting things that FB thinks are against its rules (Why is a nipple such a controversial sight.... okay, sorry, I digress...)

Well, I can say that why I decided to stick with it goes wayyyyyyy back to my backstory that I mentioned earlier - the open mics. One time, there was a sensual night being hosted my one of my friends KAtrina I-Trina Ifill (who is now the Creatrix of a sex-positive company called Orgasmik Intelligence.) After my poem Empress (which I admit, wasn't as explicit as I like to write now, more like hinting at it) she made a comment to the audience, "Don't you feel loved? Don't you feel empowered after that piece?" I write poems about sexuality, sensuality and femininity with a purpose. I want that when a woman reads my pieces that yes, she's aroused, but it's more than that. I want her to know that a black man - this black man especially - sees her as a wonderful human being deserving of respect. I want her to know that sexuality is natural and she should be respected for being sexual. I want her to know that even in my explicit poetry that she is never a bitch, a whore or anything derogatory.


Sex is natural. Sex is divine. Sex is nothing negative, nor is it something to be shunned. I seek to break the stigmatization of women especially, but people in general, who are actively open in their enjoyment of sex. I write what I do because I want women to be celebrated. I have since realized that spirituality and sexuality are linked, and sex is the most intimate form of worship of the Divine there is. I write in homage to the Divine Feminine and I want to give women especially the ability to feel the power of their sexuality through my words.

I know Barbados is mostly (outwardly) conservative. I know that it's a hard target market and niche, but I love women and love the rush I feel when they react to my words.When I know that because of what I write, someone will get laid! Because of what I write, there's that much more love in the world - and who doesn't need more love?

~ PassionPoet

(P.S. - I talk about Barbados a lot in this article because that's where I was born and where I reside, but it's a global issue. All over the world sex is censored and shut down (hence my constant battle with Facebook!) I want my art to be a beacon of hope globally. Passion is not always sex, I say, but it sure as hell needs more sex positive spaces - and this is one!

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