Working on Some New Things.... Please StayTuned!

Thank you so much for every single person who has started this journey with me. As you can tell, I'm still working on making some changes to the site. Please forgive me for my prolonged absence! Now, to let you know what's been going on!

construction worker
We're under construction!

I was told that no one is receiving email notifications when I post now blog entries - I'm trying to fix that. Please be patient, and, if you have subscribed to the website, please go back to the front page and subscribe again. I'm trying to make the site as interactive and information filled as possible, and this includes you knowing that I've posted new material!

I am working on a webinar for beginner to intermediate writers, especially poets. Do you want to know how I write? What drives my pen? Stay tuned .... that is coming up! You will be able to interact with me using Zoom and it will be a paid webinar. I will record it and leave it on the web so that after the live webinar has ended new users of the site who want to learn about the basics of writing including metaphors, similes and imagery, as well as basic tips in transitioning into performing your pieces can access it.

I am planning to do some open mics in Barbados to start to raise funds for my big event - I've been invited to perform in Kenya in February next year. I'm excited! I want my supporters to please assist me in whatever way you can - buy books, send donations, anything so that I can fulfill my dream of getting my brand over into the African continent!

I'm excited to see where PassionPoet and the EroticEmpire brand can take me. Again, thank you so much for your support thus far and here's to more exciting things to report in the future!

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