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Poet. Spoken Word Artist. Author. Blogger.

I am a lover of women and words - not always in that order! I am a student of the Divine Feminine - which is a fancy way of saying I love women. A LOT. They are my muse, my inspiration, my reason for having my pen move and my libido rise.

Words are my oxygen - my reason for living. One of my taglines is "I inhale words and exhale poetry" because when I feel, my words pour out of me in beautifully rhythmic packages that make you feel too! I want that when you are interacting with me you automatically feel the words "PASSION", "INTENSE", "LOVER" in one way or another.

I write sexy books - you should check them out - click the My Books link and stay tuned for more!

The EroticEmpire is more than a book club. SO much more. It is an EXPERIENCE of sensuality, camaraderie and fellowship surrounding the books and the mutual love and respect of Woman as a beautiful work of art. At the EroticEmpire, I "Worship Women With Words"!

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