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The service was quick and incredibly thorough. I enjoyed and appreciated the professionalism that was executed from the first point of contact right through to the end. Definitely using these services in the future.

Chamara Hollingsworth, "Be You, Do You, Love You"



Words are the writer's currency. Let us help you spend them well.

Passionate Words Editing Services is a proof-reading and editing service that specializes in fiction, non-fiction and poetry anthology manuscripts. Proof reading technical writing manuscripts is also offered.

Robert R. Gibson is an author, poet, spoken word artist and blogger. Writing from a young age, Robert focused on poetry exclusively from the age of 14 years old. Constant exposure to literary elders through groups such as Voices: Barbados Writers Collective and the League of Extraordinary Poets in his native Barbados gave him exposure to the power of words on stage. He has been awarded silver and bronze medals for his poetry in the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) celebrations of 2011, as well as the Most Promising Poet incentive award for that same year. He moved on from performing to producing his own works; currently he is the author of three anthologies of poetry and is working on his first novel.

Love of language and a perfectionist's eye for detail are his strong points. He often tells the story of the poem that he was writing that seemed unfinished for two years until, suddenly, one night, he jumped out of bed and ran to his word processor. He changed the middle punctuation mark in the middle line of the poem from a comma to a semicolon; now, the poem was perfect! People always laugh at that story, but such is the dedication Robert shows for his craft, and for words in general. Friends have, over the years, asked him to edit their poems and stories

Perfection and a detail-oriented approach to writing is also seen in his technical writing skills. As a programmer and database administrator, writing documentation for business processes and custom-built applications is also a part of his job description. He does not feel his work is complete without screenshots and step by step instruction.

A writer's words are very important to them. And we are passionate about words. Let us give your work the deliberate attention to detail that it deserves!

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